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Lecture course notes (as PDF files)

Earth System Modelling

  1. The Earth System
  2. Earth System Models

Fundamentals of Climate Dynamics

Note: the first seven of these lectures are text-only, without the associated illustrations

  1. Simple Climate Models
  2. One-dimensional (meridional) Energy Balance Models
  3. One-dimensional (vertical) radiative-convective models
  4. Two-dimensional (meridional-vertical) models
  5. Biogeochemistry and Climate
  6. The biogeochemistry of CO2
  7. Palaeoclimatology & Ice Ages
  8. Intermediate Complexity Climate Models

Fundamentals of Fish Stock Assessment

  1. Life and Death in the Sea
    1. How Many Fish in the Sea? (The Science of Fish Stock Assessment)
    2. How Many Fish Could There Be? (The Science of Fish Stock Management)
  2. Is Sustainable Management Possible?
  3. The Bioeconomics of Fisheries: a vicious interaction?